Banking Services

Customer Relationship Management

Brand Management

Customer Profiling

Consumer Finance

Distribution Management

Cross-Selling Products and Services


Financial Innovations


Customer Profiling

Financial Law

Customer Wealth Management

Financial Markets

Financial Product Innovation

Institutional Banking and Finance

Regulations Affecting Financial Services Marketing

Investment Finance

Insurance Policies

Loyalty Plans


Mobile Application Development

Arabic Language Education 

Internet Technologies, Infrastructure, Services and Applications

Bahasa Malaysia Education/Malay Language Education

Knowledge-Based Systems

Business Studies and Entrepreneurship Education

Microsensors and Microactuators

Computer Education

Literature Education

Consumer Finance Curriculum and Development

Knowledge Management

Cross-Selling Products and Services, Financial Innovations, 

Leadership in Education 

Curriculum and Pedagogy in Education

Logistics Applications

Distribution Management 

Management Theory


Sports Management

Economic Education

Business Administration


Mathematics Education

Education Psychology 

Measurement and Evaluation in Education

Educational Administration 

Islamic Banking and Finance


Malay Language Education


Financial and Accounts

Guidance and Counseling in Education

Middleware Services and Agent Technologies

Instructional Design 

Middleware Solutions for Reliability, Fault Tolerance, and Quality-Of-Service

Islamic Education

Mobile and Wireless Networks

Management of Information System (MIS)

Visual Arts Education


Technical and Vocational Education (Tvet)


Mobile Applications


Service Marketing

Mobile Development

Mobile Networks and Services

Module Development

Mobile/Wireless Computing Systems and Services in Pervasive Computing

Network-Based Automation

Multimedia Communications

Networked Vehicles Applications

Multimodal Sensing and Context for Pervasive Applications

Networking Theory and Technologies

Multisensor Fusion

Neural Networks

Navigation and Guidance


Navigation Systems

Neuro-Fuzzy Application

Network Control and Management

Nonlinear and Adaptive Control

Network Management and Services

Nursing Information Management

Network Measurement

On-Board Diagnostics

Network Modeling and Simulation

Online Learning

Service-Oriented Middleware

Online Services 

Signal Control System

Open Models and Architectures

Network Performance

Open Source Tools

Network Protocols

Operations Research

Network Sensor

Optical Networks

Physical and Health Education

Optimal and Robot Control

Preschool Education

Pattern Recognition

Professional Counselling in Education

Peer To Peer and Overlay Networks

Power Plant Automation

Pension Plans

Signal Processing

Perception and Semantic Interpretation

Early Childhood Education

Performance Optimization

Quality Of Service and Scheduling Methods

Pervasive Computing

Quality Of Service and Quality of Experience

Pooled Investment Funds

Signal Processing in Education

Portfolio Management

Smart Devices and Intelligent Environments

Product Positioning

Smart Home Applications

Saving Scheme

Social And Economic Models for Pervasive Systems

Science Education with Information Technology

Relay Assisted and Cooperative Communications

Segmenting Financial Services

Social Networks and Online Communities

Special Education

Software Engineering

Supply Chain Management

Real-Time Computer Control

System Security and Security Technologies

Resource And Information Technology In Education

Teaching Of English as A Second Language (TESL)

Reconfigurable, Adaptable, And Reflective Middleware Approaches

Technology Development 

Software Engineering Techniques for Middleware

Technology in Education

Real-Time Multimedia Signal Processing

Theory Of Learning Integration

Software Evolution and Maintenance in Pervasive Systems

Trust, Security and Privacy Issues In Pervasive Systems

Remote Health Monitoring

Ubiquitous and Pervasive Applications

Remote Sensing

Ubiquitous Networks

Resource Allocation and Interference Management

User Interfaces and Interaction Models

Resource and Information Technology in Education

Vehicle Application of Affective Computing

Scalability of Middleware

Verifying and Evaluating Middleware

Sociology of Education

Virtual Immersive Communications

Security Middleware

Virtual Reality

Security, Privacy And Trust

Vision-Based Applications

Security Systems and Technologies

Visualization and Virtual Reality as Applied to Computational Science

Science Education

Wired/Wireless Sensor

Sensor Fusion

Wireless Technology

Sensors and RFID in Pervasive Systems

Module Development


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